My No-Wash Hair Routine

DryBar's Triple Sec Dry ShampooDetox Dry Shampoo by Drybar


Washing your hair every day strips away natural oils that protects your roots and follicles. This has been known for quite some time now vs. when I was growing up, we had to wash our hair every day.

Quick tip: Invest in good boar bristle brushes! Why?

  1. Healthier and Softer Hair: The way the boar bristles are textured and placed, natural oils from your scalp will be evenly distributed throughout your hair instead of building up. Sometime we THINK we need to wash our hair because of the look of the build up.
  2. Promotes Hair Growth: Natural bristles gently massage your scalp while you brush and also doesn’t tug and pull on your hair like plastic brushes do. Plastic bristles are also rough on your scalp. This could lead to scalp irritation and lots of breakage either your hair is dry or wet.
  3. Easily Detangle or Blowout: I have 2 boar brushes; a paddle and a big round brush. The bristles help control the hair easier because of its density but also promotes the even flow of air. The paddle brush I use to detangle and the round brush is for blowouts. This really makes my hair soft and shiny but also decreases the time of styling!


I’ve tried so many dry shampoos and so far Drybar makes the best. They have mains ones: Triple Sec and Detox. I use Triple Sec mainly because I have really flat hair and this one gives my hair a good shot of volume. I use Detox for my Day 1 Routine. Both products work great with any hair color because it doesn’t leave a weird residue like some I’ve used.


This is where your paddle brush totally comes in handy! Every night before bed, give your hair a good brush. Don’t go too crazy, now! Use the boar paddle brush to get all the knots out and distribute the oils that your scalp generated throughout the day so the rest of your hair can get the benefits (your body heals itself while you sleep). An extra step I do (I roll around a lot), is I also put my hair into a low pony tail or pig tails to keep my hair in place while I sleep.


What I do is use the Detox dry shampoo because its not too bad and no extra styling is needed. I just need to take out some of the excess oil. Again, detangle with paddle brush, then part your hair a different way. Usually, I part it in the middle right after I’ve washed it. The next day I part it to the side just to freshen it up and keep my hair flexible so it isn’t set on one type of part. Hold the Detox about 4-5 inches away from your roots and spray spurts at a time. Lift up the roots and spray. Remember to do it further and in spurts because it comes off misty and you don’t want too much. You can keep adding more but you can’t take it away! It will be a little damp so give it a 10 seconds or so to soak up the oils and start rubbing with your fingers and tousling your hair. You can do this with your head up-side down too for a good natural look.

*Try straightening your ends a bit to get a more refined look, otherwise, you’re good to go!

*For more volume, spray the Detox but use the round brush to reblowdry your roots with some tension.


I love a good big curler. I just find it so much easier to add bounce. Straighteners are good too but my hair is just so flat I need more diameter. I use HotTools 1 1/4 inch curler. Same thing, use the paddle brush to take out some tangles (I hope you remembered the nightly routine ;P). Depending on what I’m wearing for the day, I’ll go back to the middle part or just keep the side part from yesterday. Anyway, this time I use the Triple Sec because it really takes out the oil also adds texture and extra control. I spray this one all over lightly but focusing on the roots. Start curling your hair however you’d like, again being tighter at the roots for extra lift. I like a lot of movement so I alternate the direction of the curls. After curling all my hair, I flip my hair over and spray a few quick light spurts of the Triple Sec and rub it into my roots. To finish, I flip over my hair and tousle it with my fingers while scrunching the ends up to keep it bouncy.


I think this one is probably my favorite because it adds a little glamour without the effort. Same thing, remember to detangle last night because curls can look all kinds of raggedy if you don’t before you sleep! Detangle your hair with the paddle brush and don’t be afraid to brush it through. It’ll create some nice subtle waves. I use the detox since I don’t need the matte texture this time. Use it on your roots and as it starts to absorb, rub it your roots. You can tease the roots a little to give it some more volume but typically this style doesn’t need so much of that. Brush it once again to distribute product and natural oils.


YAY! you’ve made it do 4 and I know, I know, you’re like…WHAT! DAY 4 NO WASHING? that is too long! Everyone’s hair is different. I don’t heave typically oily hair (more dry if anything) so it works for me. Do what works for you, maybe 2 days or 3 days or even just 1 day. Use any of these styles that work for you.

For day 4, I love me a messy bun! Its the easiest! I use the Triple Sec for this because it gives good volume and texture. I also tease it some at the crown some then spray roots upside down. My hair is really brittle so I don’t just twist and turn it with an elastic band. First, I put my hair in a pony tail at the height I want. I also bought these bobby pins that are like…screws, I’m sure you’ve seen. I’ll make another post on what items I use. I take the pony tail and start wrapping it around the base to form a bun. Those screw looking bobby pins hold together everything very well without pinching your hair. Then I start gently pulling on my bun to add some more “messy” to it (if that makes any sense).

*you can also use a cute ribbon with your half up or even braid styles.


TRY ANY OF THESE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. I love these products but if you know of anything better out there or dupes, POST IN COMMENTS!