COOKING FEVER : my fave new game app

This game is addicting and progressive enough to where you don’t get bored. I often times will download games and then stop playing because it gets way too repetitive.


  • graphics are great
    • great colors, super high-end graphics
    • beware: I wanted a hamburger while playing!
  • multiple restaurant in one game
    • leveled up and got the bakery! 
  • lots of aspects with each restaurant
    • you can make fries, add lettuce and tomato, ketchup, etc.
  • FREE!
  • Easy to get ‘Gems’
    • a lot of games I’ve played, its kind of annoying how little chances it gives you to get gems, Cooking Fever gives you a good amount of gems every time you level up.
  • You can go back to the restaurants at any time.
    • So you can move onto the next restaurant if you have enough to unlock it but you can also jump from restaurant to restaurant.

IMG_5015 IMG_5013 IMG_5014


  • I’m only at the bakery, but I’ve noticed that unless you immediately upgrade, its impossible not to lose customers.
    • the wait time for everything is WAY too unreasonably long even when you prepare ahead of time.
  • The cost of initial upgrades are high.
    • In the burger joint, its not so bad. In the higher level restaurants, however, it costs 800+ coins to do one upgrade and sometime plus gems.
      • You only get 300-ish coins with every round.


  • Don’t get too excited at the beginning and use all your gems!
    • Gems are really important to upgrading and moving onto other restaurants.
    • At the beginning you will probably want to use the gems on your burger joint but remember, theres MORE! Wait for a bit and see what else is there.
  • Don’t get discouraged with the first restaurant!
    • After you get the bakery (2nd restaurant) it gets more fun, but at first, it takes a few levels to level up enough to get next restaurant.
  • There is a timer!
    • When I first played, I thought it was only a customer countdown, but right around that is going to be a timer. Be mindful so you don’t miss out on customers!


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