dry sensitive skin’s BEST duo!


REN clean skincare line; CLEANSING BALM and DAY CREAM

Have terribly annoying dry or sensitive skin? Try these two together. They’re gentle and ultra hydrating/softening!

The balm is probably the best product I’ve ever bought! Its so unique and you get SO much for the $$$!

How to use:

Balm- put a little bit in your hand (looks like lip balm) and rub together to melt. Massage onto your face DRY for about 2 minutes or so. Run it over the dry spots to do some exfoliating. Splash warm water onto your face to release the suds. Massage all over face again for next minute or so to get out the dirties. Use a paper towel or wash cloth to wipe away the excess by patting down gently. Proceed to rinsing off the rest of the balm.

Your skin will feel instantly soft and radiant. Its also safe on lash extensions! No problems so far with my extensions and it also conditions your brows.

The day cream– I have tried so many day creams and its always one or the other same problems. 1. too oily 2. starts to dry 3. makes my face red and hot (irritated). This cream immediately calmed my skin (I have psoriasis).

SEPHORA carries both these products and they’re fairly reasonably priced. A little goes a long way with both these products. You can also ask them for a sample of both but you will automatically fall in love!

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