PRODUCTS I LIVE BY: Summer Edition

Its no secret that I suffer from psoriasis. It started flaring up when I was about 18 and for the last 10 years, its been terrible. There has been a lot of embarrassment, annoyance and pain. To whomever also suffers from this, send me an email by going to the REQUESTS tab at the top! I would love to hear your story, experiences or even if you would just like to vent. I like to stay as natural as I can when it comes to products due to the psoriasis. I’m excited to tell you guys about the below products because they changed my life! It first started with my scalp, then I have some spots on my face and on one elbow. I started using these products in late May when my mom discovered them. If you have anything close to eczema, psoriasis or just dry sensitive skin, try some of the below. You can click on the names to take you straight to their site.

LUMINESCE cellular rejuvenation serum


I have NEVER used a serum that actually works. I have tried lots of serums and I don’t have the money or the patience to use a product for months before it starts to work. I use this after I wash my face but before my moisturizer (REN dry sensitive skin regimen in previous post). My skin has never been so soft and supple. I have a really hard time with my skin keeping its moisture and not flaky. I have been devastated since various dry lesion psoriasis spots have started to appear on my face. After about 3 days, I saw such a difference. My skin wasn’t flaking and red. I’ve gotten compliments about how its glowing and its helped my confidence so much. My skin is noticeably softer and smoother. I have been using it for a little over a month now. I think using the REN products with this has changed my life.

Tea Tree Hair Growth and Scalp Oil Treatment

IMG_5479My biggest issue is with my scalp. This REALLY affects how I feel and my lifestyle. Before I discovered this product, I had to wash my hair everyday because at night, I would scratch my scalp so much when I slept that it would be bleeding! It was so terrible and you can see the inflamed skin and large scaly flakes at the bottom of my hairline up to behind my ears. Needless to say, I was really depressed because of this. If you know me, I’m very girly. The only thing I could do to my hair was leave it down.  This product is 100% natural. My scalp is so sensitive to everything. This is so nourishing and natural that after a few days of treatment, it calmed my scalp. The tea tree oil naturally cleansed my scalp of any fungal or infections from the previous pain. Yeah, psoriasis is not a for the faint hearted. It is full of organic oils that softened and released the scales on my scalp and healed the wounds. When I washed my hair and styled it, the scales started coming off when I was blowdrying. The compliment of tea tree and nourishing oils gave me healthier and shinier hair but also stimulated more growth. In February, my hair was a little past my collar bone. From then to July, it was only supposed to grow 2.5 inches (your hair grows 1/2 inch a month). My hair is actually down my back. I’ll post pics if anyone does want to see any before and after. I use a little extra so it spills out past my bottom hairline and I even put some in my outer ear canal because theres some psoriasis there as well.

RESERVE botanical blend gel drink

USretail-reserveOut of all the products I have discovered, this one is DEFINITELY my favorite! Ever wonder why women from Brazil, Colombia, Thailand and other tropical countries have such beautiful skin that seem to never age? Its what they eat! They have exotic fruits that are more available and affordable. While the other products helped my outside, these pouches have improved my health so immensely. What comes with psoriasis is overtime, your joints start to get affected. I used to have chronic neck pain. After a few hours working at my desk, my neck starts to really bother me. The instructions say to take 2 a day, one when you wake up and one before bed. It is so full of antioxidants! It would cost hundreds of dollars a month and you would have to eat pound after pound of fruits daily to get the same results. The gel pouches have ingredients from acai berry, pomegranate, aloe vera, cherry, grape seed and others that become something like a super antioxidant brew! My friends always made fun of me for having to go to the restroom ALL THE TIME. It was because my stomach was so weak and everything made me go number 2! Yeah, I SAID IT! After taking these daily, I don’t have that problem. I started having regular and healthy visits to the lou. I used to have to go right after I eat anything, no matter what it was. I think these products are also very hydrating. My neck stopped hurting so much and I have been sleeping much better. I looked up why antioxidants are so important in our lives. I learned that oxidation is a chemical process that happens when electrons are loss. This oxidation process creates free radicals. Enough of these free radicals floating around in your cells will cause a chain reaction which damages or even kills the cells. Antioxidants prevents this from happening which in turn, helps our bodies become healthier, our cells being able to replace themselves more efficiently and is very anti-aging!


If any of you suffer from the same things I have suffered from, I highly suggest you try these products. They have truly changed my life. I have spent so much money on shots, doctor visits and steroid medication. These are no good for you! It helped for a short amount of time but was really taking a toll on my body!

Contact me in the REQUESTS tab above if you have any products that you want reviewed or just tell me your experience if you decide to try these products. We can support each other! I know the pain and I know it sucks!


COOKING FEVER : my fave new game app

This game is addicting and progressive enough to where you don’t get bored. I often times will download games and then stop playing because it gets way too repetitive.


  • graphics are great
    • great colors, super high-end graphics
    • beware: I wanted a hamburger while playing!
  • multiple restaurant in one game
    • leveled up and got the bakery! 
  • lots of aspects with each restaurant
    • you can make fries, add lettuce and tomato, ketchup, etc.
  • FREE!
  • Easy to get ‘Gems’
    • a lot of games I’ve played, its kind of annoying how little chances it gives you to get gems, Cooking Fever gives you a good amount of gems every time you level up.
  • You can go back to the restaurants at any time.
    • So you can move onto the next restaurant if you have enough to unlock it but you can also jump from restaurant to restaurant.

IMG_5015 IMG_5013 IMG_5014


  • I’m only at the bakery, but I’ve noticed that unless you immediately upgrade, its impossible not to lose customers.
    • the wait time for everything is WAY too unreasonably long even when you prepare ahead of time.
  • The cost of initial upgrades are high.
    • In the burger joint, its not so bad. In the higher level restaurants, however, it costs 800+ coins to do one upgrade and sometime plus gems.
      • You only get 300-ish coins with every round.


  • Don’t get too excited at the beginning and use all your gems!
    • Gems are really important to upgrading and moving onto other restaurants.
    • At the beginning you will probably want to use the gems on your burger joint but remember, theres MORE! Wait for a bit and see what else is there.
  • Don’t get discouraged with the first restaurant!
    • After you get the bakery (2nd restaurant) it gets more fun, but at first, it takes a few levels to level up enough to get next restaurant.
  • There is a timer!
    • When I first played, I thought it was only a customer countdown, but right around that is going to be a timer. Be mindful so you don’t miss out on customers!


My No-Wash Hair Routine

DryBar's Triple Sec Dry ShampooDetox Dry Shampoo by Drybar


Washing your hair every day strips away natural oils that protects your roots and follicles. This has been known for quite some time now vs. when I was growing up, we had to wash our hair every day.

Quick tip: Invest in good boar bristle brushes! Why?

  1. Healthier and Softer Hair: The way the boar bristles are textured and placed, natural oils from your scalp will be evenly distributed throughout your hair instead of building up. Sometime we THINK we need to wash our hair because of the look of the build up.
  2. Promotes Hair Growth: Natural bristles gently massage your scalp while you brush and also doesn’t tug and pull on your hair like plastic brushes do. Plastic bristles are also rough on your scalp. This could lead to scalp irritation and lots of breakage either your hair is dry or wet.
  3. Easily Detangle or Blowout: I have 2 boar brushes; a paddle and a big round brush. The bristles help control the hair easier because of its density but also promotes the even flow of air. The paddle brush I use to detangle and the round brush is for blowouts. This really makes my hair soft and shiny but also decreases the time of styling!


I’ve tried so many dry shampoos and so far Drybar makes the best. They have mains ones: Triple Sec and Detox. I use Triple Sec mainly because I have really flat hair and this one gives my hair a good shot of volume. I use Detox for my Day 1 Routine. Both products work great with any hair color because it doesn’t leave a weird residue like some I’ve used.


This is where your paddle brush totally comes in handy! Every night before bed, give your hair a good brush. Don’t go too crazy, now! Use the boar paddle brush to get all the knots out and distribute the oils that your scalp generated throughout the day so the rest of your hair can get the benefits (your body heals itself while you sleep). An extra step I do (I roll around a lot), is I also put my hair into a low pony tail or pig tails to keep my hair in place while I sleep.


What I do is use the Detox dry shampoo because its not too bad and no extra styling is needed. I just need to take out some of the excess oil. Again, detangle with paddle brush, then part your hair a different way. Usually, I part it in the middle right after I’ve washed it. The next day I part it to the side just to freshen it up and keep my hair flexible so it isn’t set on one type of part. Hold the Detox about 4-5 inches away from your roots and spray spurts at a time. Lift up the roots and spray. Remember to do it further and in spurts because it comes off misty and you don’t want too much. You can keep adding more but you can’t take it away! It will be a little damp so give it a 10 seconds or so to soak up the oils and start rubbing with your fingers and tousling your hair. You can do this with your head up-side down too for a good natural look.

*Try straightening your ends a bit to get a more refined look, otherwise, you’re good to go!

*For more volume, spray the Detox but use the round brush to reblowdry your roots with some tension.


I love a good big curler. I just find it so much easier to add bounce. Straighteners are good too but my hair is just so flat I need more diameter. I use HotTools 1 1/4 inch curler. Same thing, use the paddle brush to take out some tangles (I hope you remembered the nightly routine ;P). Depending on what I’m wearing for the day, I’ll go back to the middle part or just keep the side part from yesterday. Anyway, this time I use the Triple Sec because it really takes out the oil also adds texture and extra control. I spray this one all over lightly but focusing on the roots. Start curling your hair however you’d like, again being tighter at the roots for extra lift. I like a lot of movement so I alternate the direction of the curls. After curling all my hair, I flip my hair over and spray a few quick light spurts of the Triple Sec and rub it into my roots. To finish, I flip over my hair and tousle it with my fingers while scrunching the ends up to keep it bouncy.


I think this one is probably my favorite because it adds a little glamour without the effort. Same thing, remember to detangle last night because curls can look all kinds of raggedy if you don’t before you sleep! Detangle your hair with the paddle brush and don’t be afraid to brush it through. It’ll create some nice subtle waves. I use the detox since I don’t need the matte texture this time. Use it on your roots and as it starts to absorb, rub it your roots. You can tease the roots a little to give it some more volume but typically this style doesn’t need so much of that. Brush it once again to distribute product and natural oils.


YAY! you’ve made it do 4 and I know, I know, you’re like…WHAT! DAY 4 NO WASHING? that is too long! Everyone’s hair is different. I don’t heave typically oily hair (more dry if anything) so it works for me. Do what works for you, maybe 2 days or 3 days or even just 1 day. Use any of these styles that work for you.

For day 4, I love me a messy bun! Its the easiest! I use the Triple Sec for this because it gives good volume and texture. I also tease it some at the crown some then spray roots upside down. My hair is really brittle so I don’t just twist and turn it with an elastic band. First, I put my hair in a pony tail at the height I want. I also bought these bobby pins that are like…screws, I’m sure you’ve seen. I’ll make another post on what items I use. I take the pony tail and start wrapping it around the base to form a bun. Those screw looking bobby pins hold together everything very well without pinching your hair. Then I start gently pulling on my bun to add some more “messy” to it (if that makes any sense).

*you can also use a cute ribbon with your half up or even braid styles.


TRY ANY OF THESE AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK. I love these products but if you know of anything better out there or dupes, POST IN COMMENTS!

dry sensitive skin’s BEST duo!


REN clean skincare line; CLEANSING BALM and DAY CREAM

Have terribly annoying dry or sensitive skin? Try these two together. They’re gentle and ultra hydrating/softening!

The balm is probably the best product I’ve ever bought! Its so unique and you get SO much for the $$$!

How to use:

Balm- put a little bit in your hand (looks like lip balm) and rub together to melt. Massage onto your face DRY for about 2 minutes or so. Run it over the dry spots to do some exfoliating. Splash warm water onto your face to release the suds. Massage all over face again for next minute or so to get out the dirties. Use a paper towel or wash cloth to wipe away the excess by patting down gently. Proceed to rinsing off the rest of the balm.

Your skin will feel instantly soft and radiant. Its also safe on lash extensions! No problems so far with my extensions and it also conditions your brows.

The day cream– I have tried so many day creams and its always one or the other same problems. 1. too oily 2. starts to dry 3. makes my face red and hot (irritated). This cream immediately calmed my skin (I have psoriasis).

SEPHORA carries both these products and they’re fairly reasonably priced. A little goes a long way with both these products. You can also ask them for a sample of both but you will automatically fall in love!